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Shop Equipment in the Midwest United States

Equipment System Inc. offers wheel service equipment, lifts and racks, shop equipment, and tire supplies. We supply used and new parts for automotive mechanic shops.

Equipment System INC
Equipment System INC

How We Can Help You

We will add efficiency to your garage or automotive shop by making sure that you have the products that you need to amp up your shop's accuracy and speed. We will come to your shop and asses your current space to make sure that we get to the correct equipment.

Wheel Service Equipment

  • Alignment systems.
  • Alignment racks.
  • Balancers.
  • Tire changers.
  • Brake lathes.
  • Quick check systems.
  • ADAS equipment.
Equipment System INC
Equipment System INC

Lifts & Racks

  • 2 posts.
  • 4 posts.
  • Mobile column lifts.
  • Scissors lifts.
  • Midrise lifts.
  • Conversion kits.

Shop Equipment

  • Tire spreaders.
  • Strut spring compressors.
  • Nitrogen machines.
  • Tire cages.
  • Floor jacks.
  • Heavy duty lifts.
  • Transmission jacks.
  • Jack stands.
  • Powertrain lifts.
  • Benches.
  • Tire lifts.
  • Scan tools.
  • Cabinets.
Equipment System INC

Tire Supplies

  • Patches & plugs.
  • Repair tools.
  • Wheel weights.
  • TPMS supplies.
  • Cement & lubes.
  • Tire sealent.
  • Valve stems.
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